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Welcome to Silver Roofing online!

"" Silver Roofing takes a different approach. We give you honest advice even if it means no work or less work for us. We speak factually about your issue after carefully listening to your situation. No spin, no salesmanship, and no bloated promises. We provide clear estimates in plain English along with photos and captions of your home or office. We give you the same thing we value in our vendors: a respectful, intelligent exchange about your needs.

We are proud to be among the most respected and knowledgeable specialty roofing company in the Lower Hudson Valley. Silver Roofing focuses on presenting our customers with plain spoken, good advice. When appropriate, we create specific roofing and waterproofing proposals to address their needs, choosing an industry accepted scope of work and delivering a high quality installation that holds long term value. Our crews are safe, polite, and hard working.

We realize at the start that you need solutions from a trusted source. As your home is one of your largest investments, selecting a capable firm to protect that investment is a crucial decision. Our president, Lou Silver, has three-and-a-half decades of roofing experience in the Northeast, having installed thousands of premium asphalt, slate, aluminum, copper, and cedar roofs. From assisting a local historical society to restore a century-old train station in Piermont or a museum homestead to reroofing condominium complexes, Silver Roofing’s broad experience, extensive knowledge of materials, attention to details, and our commitment to craftsmanship have provided property owners with outstanding roofing that will stand the test of time and the elements.

Silver Roofing serves the Lower Hudson Valley, including: Rockland, Orange, and Westchester Counties


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